Rayados de Monterrey Season Analysis – Liga MX News & Odds

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Monterrey was undoubtedly the number one candidate in this clausura to be in the fight for the liguilla classification, as well as being a serious team in the search to revalidate the title. But what can we say now about the team, after ten games, they do not know what a victory is, the last game in which they took the victory was in the first leg in the opening match in their stadium against América, after that game the team lived more sorrow than glory.

Rayados de Monterrey Season Analysis – Liga MX News & Odds

The team could not celebrate the title of champion, after the tight closing of the calendar, in the apertura Monterrey had two weeks of rest before starting again the clausura, so the physical aspect of the tournament effort, plus the Club World Cup had an impact on the team.

Today Rayados is a mirage of themselves, the team is neither the shadow of the apertura team, nor the team that participated in the FIFA Club World Cup. From being champions now the team struggles to succeed in its first game in this tournament, going from heaven to hell in three months.

Monterrey Expectations

Whoever did not believe that by day ten we would have Monterrey in the first places of the tournament, might seem far-fetched and out of it.

Anyone would put the defending champion, who had no massive starts, who maintains the same line with his coach, as one of the favorites for the clausura, but as of today, the champion leaves much to be desired and is the last of 18 teams.

Monterrey is not only burdened with being the current champion of Mexican soccer, it is now the third best club in a FIFA Club World Cup, while it is on the verge of saving the season a little bit by having to play the Copa MX final against Tijuana.

These are undoubtedly factors nowadays to see with amusement that, a team like this, manages a performance of 16%, which despite having a dangerous offensive, to date they have recorded 10 scores, an average of one goal per game.

Defensively they’re a nightmare in general, since they are the third worst defense of the tournament with 17 goals against, leaving in this clausura more doubts than successes for Rayados.

The Rayados de Monterrey path

Regardless of the rivals that come, Monterrey has the lowest chances of any team in the Liga MX to reach the liguilla.

Its five points are not a parameter to be able to say that the team if it rebounds in this clausura will reach the objective, it is clear that, if we rely on the points that were needed in the previous apertura to classify that they were 27, Monterrey would not achieve the task .

In this clausura and if the miracle occurs, Monterrey would aspire to a maximum of 26 points, bearing in mind that it should not lose a single point on the way.

Monterrey must play at home against Santos Laguna, Tijuana, Cruz Azul and will close the last date against Pachuca.

They’ll have three AWAY games, first against Atlas, later we will see the classic Monterrey against Tigres, ending with a visit to Puebla.

Monterrey Possibilities

In this case it is one of the most difficult analyzes we have, Monterrey suffers from rest and physical work, this obligatory rest of the championship can be very beneficial for the team, which could take advantage of their players doing special jobs with the limitations they have of not training together.

Otherwise, we can see a team without a soul again, as it has been in this first phase, so let’s go and see what we can expect.

If Monterrey rebounds, we can give the game against Santos Laguna and Tijuana with a victory, but against Cruz Azul the tie will be the final result.

As a visitor he will leave points in the classic regio, but will add three against Atlas and Puebla, reaching 14 points from the 21 available, which added to his current five points would reach 19, a figure almost impossible for a classification.

In the event that Monterrey does not raise its head, it will fall against Santos Laguna, Cruz Azul and tie with Tijuana, while as a visitor it will tie with Atlas, it will fall against Tigres and will triumph in Puebla.

With this analysis, Monterrey will also be out of the league, reaching a total of 10 points, being a real nightmare for the institution. Odds of winning Liga MX.

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