Liga MX Betting – Chivas de Guadalajara Season Analysis

If everybody have very high expectations of a team is from Chivas de Guadalajara, their investment for this Clausura 2020 was set before the start of the tournament, thinking that the title is the only objective for a team that did not have a good time in the Apertura. Those expectations during the first matchdays fell apart, when the team had a series of bad results in the first games, where even Dorados de Sinaloa eliminated them from the Copa MX tournament, where Chivas played with all their heavy equipment in that series.

Chivas de Guadalajara – Clausura 2020 Analysis

Chivas took the victory on game one against Juárez FC by 2-0, but after that game they entered a streak that took him six matches down the street of bitterness, until game seven was when the “rebaño” returned to the W.

From game two to seven Chivas added three points only, after three draws with Pachuca, Toluca and Atlético San Luis and two defeats with Tigres and Cruz Azul, generating a huge earthquake in Guadalajara to the point of looking for substitutes for the coach .

Now the team managed to level its course, defeated Tijuana, then León, took the victory in the Clásico Tapatío and on the previous game tied with Monterrey in a game that was controversial for a poorly annulled goal for Rayados that meant the Regio victory.

The keys to the success of the Rebaño Sagrado

It is clear that the key for Chivas in this tournament is the injection of capital that they had before the start of this tournament, the team with the pressure carrying to get the championship, as well as deleting the image of the previous tournament where they could not access the Liguilla.

The arrivals of the reinforcements were many in a team that cannot lose the title this Clausura, otherwise the word failure would be capital.

Chivas for this Clausura had the arrivals of Uriel Antuna, José Madueña, José Juan Vázquez, Cristian Calderón, Víctor Guzmán, Alexis Peña, Jesús Angulo, Ronaldo Cisneros and as the main reinforcement came the new jewel of Mexican soccer José Juan Macías, who had a important step through León.

It is clear that Chivas’ mission is none other than to reach the Liguilla, advance in it and play the final. If the team does not perform an acceptable second phase, the warnings will come on again, but if the team does not enter this second phase, failure would be resounding and could generate strong decisions within the club.

The Chivas de Guadalajara Road

The tournament is seven games away from defining which teams will be in the round of 16. Today Chivas is among the guests, but a bad result can send the team from position five that it holds to position 13, which belongs to Atlético San Luis.

Chivas is in this Clausura with a total of 16 points out of 30 possible for a performance of 53%, this is low considering that the team’s roster is to be a leader and it was even thought that this phase was going to be a formalism for a team that was going to destroy everyone.

The difference he has with Atlético San Luis, which is thirteenth overall, is only three points, this is a clear sign that Chivas still does not have a clear picture in this tournament.

The schedule of the Rebaño seems on paper, which could allow them to access the Liguilla without a problem, the team’s pending rivals are visits to Querétaro, Necaxa and Pumas, while at home the team will receive Monarcas, América, Santos Laguna and will close in the last matchday against Puebla.

The Clausura seems complex, and everything will depend on the results against Querétaro and Monarcas, if Chivas comes with a point in those two games, he will have to play the Clasico with the knife between the teeth, urged on by a victory, taking into account that, they have games against Santos Laguna and Pumas who are fully in the fight for a place for the second round.

Possibilities for the Clausura of Chivas

We are clear that the Chivas roster is impressive, if the team takes advantage of this delay in the calendar and maintains the level that it has been showing, it has high possibilities of entering the second phase.

The team at the moment would need 19 points out of the 21 in dispute, of course, the number of 35 points will not be the factor to determine the qualifiers, the previous tournament the number to access was 27, so if we take this number as the base Team would need 11 of the 21 points in dispute to qualify.

The score necessary to qualify will be modified each day, the results will dictate the procedure of each team, but it is clear that a team that seeks this, must register at least 25 points, without this being a completely positive number. Odds of winning Liga MX.

Liga MX Betting – Club America Season Analysis

Club América is always and will be one of the teams called to be candidates and favorites to be considered the champion of each tournament. In this Clausura the numbers are not entirely encouraging, given the quality of their staff, however, they allow the team to be in the Liguilla zone for the time being. Before this break in the tournament, the results were not positive for the team, which currently has three games without a victory, after two defeats and a draw.

Club América – Analysis Clausura 2020

The chances of qualification are high, but they cannot neglect their pace since the tournament is even and the positions can change dramatically from one day to the next.

This forced rest can serve the team to recharge batteries, think again about the objectives that were set to start and look again for the path that leads to them.

The keys to America’s Success

Without a doubt the key in this team is the quality of the roster, the variants that Miguel Herrera has been forced to carry out have not distorted the objective, although it is true, the results of the last three matches have not been positive, the team performance has not been decreased.

In economic power of one of the most important teams in CONCACAF it is clear, in all positions the team has quality variants that can cope with situations of need, but in a second phase the team does need the quality that its lineup provide .

America has made it clear that the offensive power of this season is not so abundant, so this break may be time for their forwards to do extra work on a personal level and improve these numbers.

The team has scored 11 times, if we compare the opening the team in 18 games produced 32 goals for 1.77 goals per game, while in this season start the team have 1.1 goals per game, an average very low with what is expected of its staff.

The Road of America in the Clausura

The path of the Aguilas will depend a lot on the improvement in performance that the team may have, if this improvement does not come, the team may be compromised, but we do not believe that being out of the league is a possibility.

Club America will have four hard tests in these remaining seven games.

The calendar indicates that León will be his next rival, followed by Santos Laguna, both fighting for the lead, Toluca will be a game that must be resolved with victory, in order to reach the national classic against Chivas with a panorama of tranquility.

The last three dates will be against Atlético San Luis, Pachuca, to close the participation against Monarcas.

Possibilities of the Eagles

The qualification to the round of 16 series should not be a problem for the team, of course, you must solve your important games with positive results, subtracting points from your rivals is also important for the team.

If these results are not expected, the club could be in trouble, since Querétaro, which is the twelfth of the tournament, is only three points away from America, which is fourth, this is undoubtedly an extra pressure for those of Coapa, they should focus more towards closing. Odds to Win Liga MX.

Rayados de Monterrey Season Analysis – Liga MX News & Odds

Monterrey was undoubtedly the number one candidate in this clausura to be in the fight for the liguilla classification, as well as being a serious team in the search to revalidate the title. But what can we say now about the team, after ten games, they do not know what a victory is, the last game in which they took the victory was in the first leg in the opening match in their stadium against América, after that game the team lived more sorrow than glory.

Rayados de Monterrey Season Analysis – Liga MX News & Odds

The team could not celebrate the title of champion, after the tight closing of the calendar, in the apertura Monterrey had two weeks of rest before starting again the clausura, so the physical aspect of the tournament effort, plus the Club World Cup had an impact on the team.

Today Rayados is a mirage of themselves, the team is neither the shadow of the apertura team, nor the team that participated in the FIFA Club World Cup. From being champions now the team struggles to succeed in its first game in this tournament, going from heaven to hell in three months.

Monterrey Expectations

Whoever did not believe that by day ten we would have Monterrey in the first places of the tournament, might seem far-fetched and out of it.

Anyone would put the defending champion, who had no massive starts, who maintains the same line with his coach, as one of the favorites for the clausura, but as of today, the champion leaves much to be desired and is the last of 18 teams.

Monterrey is not only burdened with being the current champion of Mexican soccer, it is now the third best club in a FIFA Club World Cup, while it is on the verge of saving the season a little bit by having to play the Copa MX final against Tijuana.

These are undoubtedly factors nowadays to see with amusement that, a team like this, manages a performance of 16%, which despite having a dangerous offensive, to date they have recorded 10 scores, an average of one goal per game.

Defensively they’re a nightmare in general, since they are the third worst defense of the tournament with 17 goals against, leaving in this clausura more doubts than successes for Rayados.

The Rayados de Monterrey path

Regardless of the rivals that come, Monterrey has the lowest chances of any team in the Liga MX to reach the liguilla.

Its five points are not a parameter to be able to say that the team if it rebounds in this clausura will reach the objective, it is clear that, if we rely on the points that were needed in the previous apertura to classify that they were 27, Monterrey would not achieve the task .

In this clausura and if the miracle occurs, Monterrey would aspire to a maximum of 26 points, bearing in mind that it should not lose a single point on the way.

Monterrey must play at home against Santos Laguna, Tijuana, Cruz Azul and will close the last date against Pachuca.

They’ll have three AWAY games, first against Atlas, later we will see the classic Monterrey against Tigres, ending with a visit to Puebla.

Monterrey Possibilities

In this case it is one of the most difficult analyzes we have, Monterrey suffers from rest and physical work, this obligatory rest of the championship can be very beneficial for the team, which could take advantage of their players doing special jobs with the limitations they have of not training together.

Otherwise, we can see a team without a soul again, as it has been in this first phase, so let’s go and see what we can expect.

If Monterrey rebounds, we can give the game against Santos Laguna and Tijuana with a victory, but against Cruz Azul the tie will be the final result.

As a visitor he will leave points in the classic regio, but will add three against Atlas and Puebla, reaching 14 points from the 21 available, which added to his current five points would reach 19, a figure almost impossible for a classification.

In the event that Monterrey does not raise its head, it will fall against Santos Laguna, Cruz Azul and tie with Tijuana, while as a visitor it will tie with Atlas, it will fall against Tigres and will triumph in Puebla.

With this analysis, Monterrey will also be out of the league, reaching a total of 10 points, being a real nightmare for the institution. Odds of winning Liga MX.

Liga MX Betting – Pumas UNAM Season Analysis

The start of Pumas UNAM in this Clausura was a real storm, the team squandered football and even managed to be the undefeated leader for several weeks, but that carousel that was shot towards the sky, it seems that now it comes in free fall and no brake. Pumas remained six games undefeated, but match seven was the trigger for now indicating that Pumas adds four matches without getting the W.

Pumas de la UNAM – Analysis of the Clausura 2020

With the start of the team, it was expected that, by this date, the UNAM would be at least in position two of the championship, showing quality in their game, but the bitterness of the moment now is what abounds in the university campus.

Of the few teams that can benefit from the suspension of the tournament, it is undoubtedly Pumas UNAM, lowering the level of stress that was surrounding the institution, as well as doing an introspective to improve in the face of closure, will be key for the team in this break obliged.

Pumas got four of his last 15 points, now they live off the residues of the first six matches, however, these savings they had are gone so the tournament is uphill.

The team continues in classification positions with 15 units, but two points separate them from the thirteenth position that belongs to Atlético San Luis, for these reasons, if Pumas does not raise its head, it could be seen as in the Apertura, where the team did not agree to the league.

Pumas has a huge debt as a visitor, in this tournament they have played away five times, gathering five points, after a victory and two draws, where they scored nine times, but received 13, which without hesitation is one of the weaknesses.

The keys to Pumas

Pumas UNAM is a traditional team, its structure or muscle under which the institution supports, makes it one of the most followed teams in Mexican soccer, but its tradition is not reflected in the titles that the team achieves.

Pumas already has 15 years without being crowned as Mexican soccer champion. The last title held by the institution was in 2005, where they managed to win on penalties against Tigres.

The start of this Clausura was a sign that the team has the ability to make the leap in quality in Liga MX.

The team is lacking confidence right now, the quality of their squad is there and they need to realize that, they must resume the path of the first six games, to have a classification without problems.

Pumas is currently in the sixth place of the contest with 15 points, seven units separate it from Cruz Azul who is first, but a difference of one point is what separates the team from being out of the Liguilla round.

The path of Pumas in the Clausura

Pumas has one of the most accessible calendars of the teams that fight to be among the first eight of the Clausura.

The UNAM will have four of their last seven games at home, of these four matches, two games are against rivals who are out of the classification positions and are rivals who are leaving doubts in their actions.

Pumas receives Tijuana, Puebla, who on paper are accessible rivals, while will receive Chivas and Querétaro in what must  will undoubtedly be life and death games.

The team completes the calendar with three visits, against leader Cruz Azul, which is the most complex game of the seven they will play, while they travel to Jalisco to face the Atlas and visit Necaxa in Aguascalientes.

Pumas UNAM Possibilities

The UNAM need ten points to be at the gates of the classification and with twelve of the 21 to dispute the classification would be almost imminent. The team needs to win in all their home games, to have the tranquility that the club needs, after four adverse results in recent days.

The game against Cruz Azul given the level of the leaders, we can already mark it as a defeat, so a point, even if it is, is beneficial for the university students.

The games with Tijuana and Puebla are an obligation for the team, in addition to minimizing the tie against Querétaro.

If we base the odds with the reality of the tournament, Pumas would add three against Tijuana, Puebla and Atlas, that would give the team nine points added to its current 15 Pumas would be at 24, would need the victory against Necaxa as a visitor, to have the possibility not to score with Chivas and Cruz Azul, to reach the 27 points that was the magic number in the opening. Odds to Win Liga MX.

Liga MX Betting – Cruz Azul Season Analysis

This 2020 for Cruz Azul is being perfect, the objectives are intact in the two tournaments they are playing, so the management of Robert Siboldi, although it is true that it started cloudy and complex, now lives in total harmony with the fans of the Cruz Azul.

Cruz Azul – Analysis Clausura 2020

Remember that Cruz Azul at the Apertura tournament had in their hands, the direct classification to the league, however, two defeats and a draw in the last five games brought to the ground any possibility that the team could have.

This clausura seems that the bad memories is forgotten, the results are the order of the day, six consecutive wins indicate that the team is hungry and thirsty for revenge, so Cruz Azul is a rival for the moment considered for the second round.

The keys to Cruz Azul Success

The previous season we talked and mentioned that Cruz Azul was an irregular team, that in major duels the team broke and that it couldn’t prove that it was for great things, having difficulties solving key games.

This Clausura the panorama is different. Despite starting the championship with two painful defeats against Atlas and Atlético San Luis both games 2-1.

After these two games the annoyance of the fans on the court was already heard and the departure of Siboldi and his coaching staff was requested immediately, to which the board of the Cruz Azul turned a deaf ear, having calm and cold mind, it seems that this now worked.

Now Cruz Azul has the most effective offensive in the championship, they already have 24 goals in 10 games played, if we compare it to the previous Apertura, Cruz Azul scored 25 times in the 18 games it played, which is undoubtedly a sample of improvement, where they are one goal away from improving what was done in the Apertura and they still have 7 matches left.

One of the keys to this football improvement is the player Jonathan Rodríguez who in this championship has been intractable, his good performance has him as the current top scorer of the championship with nine goals, contributing 38% of the teams goals in the tournament.

His defensive has shown changes in each day, where at least the coach has made a modification in some of the positions, being Paul Aguilar and Josué Misael Domínguez who have been in 70% of the games this Clausura.

After the break that Liga MX will have for the prevention of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cruz Azul is the lonely leader, already on the way they won against weighty rivals, the road seems to be with the only route to leadership at the end the qualifying stage.

The Road of Cruz Azul

The path that the team must take to close the regular season seems to be not so easy and will put the team to the test for a possible classification in the league.

7 games remain, with a total of 21 points to dispute, the magic number today is 35 points that would give the classification to the team, this number would be modified day by day since in the process teams key points will be subtracted for the final countdown.

These 13 remaining points for Cruz Azul (potential for the classification) must be disputed before: Puebla tenth of the general, Pumas that is sixth, León second in the general, Querétaro that is twelfth, Monterrey last of the closure and will close with Necaxa in Aguascalientes .

Of these games the Cruz Azul needs to win three of four of these games and draw one, the rivals are not easy at all, four teams from the seven rivals are fully involved in a place in the league, but Cruz Azul is showing great soccer this tournament.

Cruz Azul have already won against: Santos Laguna, Pachuca, Chivas, Tigres, Monarcas, Tijuana and América, tied with Toluca and lost against Atlas and Atlético San Luis, their performance at the moment is 73% effectiveness, scored 24 goals in his favor for an average of 2.4 games goals per game, while he has received 14, for a total of 1.4 goals per game.

Chances and Lack of Championships

Cruz Azul has everything in their favor to classify, to think that this time the team will be out of the Liguilla right now is unthinkable, their possibilities are high as they have a 90% chance of accessing the round of 16.

Regarding the issue of the possibilities to reach the Mexican championship, the Liga MX betting lines take into account the difficulty that the team has had to achieve this objective.

Since 1997 the Cruz Azul does not know what it is to be the Liga MX champion. At that time, he obtained this title after 17 years of drought.

For this Clausura the team already has 23 years of waiting to lift the league cup, which makes this factor one of the aspects to be valued when assigning a chance to get the title of this tournament. Odds to Win Liga MX.

Zorros del Atlas Season Analysis – Liga MX News & Odds

Atlas along with Tijuana were the two teams that disappointed in their actions at the end of the previous apertura tournament. Atlas had in their hands the classification to the Mexican liguilla, however, four losses in a row at the end of the championship undermined any possibility of this.

Zorros del Atlas Season Analysis – Liga MX News & Odds

The outlook for this clausura is even worse than in the apertura. After the dismissal of his coach and the arrival six dates ago by Rafael Puente Jr., the team continues aimlessly, adrift and with a SOS sign that is getting bigger and brighter.

Atlas right now is benefited by the disastrous performance that Monterrey has had, the tapatíos are second-last in the tournament, with a total of nine points, like Tijuana, classifying to the liguilla is an almost impossible mission.

Atlas Expectations

Atlas lived moments of glory in the past, it was a leading team, its classics with Chivas were a true soccer fight, and it could face the great teams of the capital with the necessary seriousness.

The current reality is different, the team did not enter the previous liguilla, for this 2020 it was out of the Copa MX at the hands of Toluca and in the liguilla the team registers more pain than glory.

Our expectation of the team before the tournament started was that Atlas could have possibilities, as long as it showed a more even level than what we saw in the apertura, but the team quickly took it upon ourselves to erase this thought.

Today what we hope is that Monterrey does not have an improvement in its level that takes the team to the bottom of the table, since the team is very exposed in the standings for the descent, meaning the season can be disastrous, at the moment the descent comes in action in the tournament.

The Atlas path

Atlas as a local must make major efforts not to be affected in this clausura. The team will have three games under that condition, against qualified rivals such as Pumas and León, while Rayados de Monterrey will also visit Jalisco, in a game that could be six points for the fight for last place.

The remaining four games will be outside Jalisco, so the panorama is even more complex, with visits to Juárez FC, Atlético San Luis, Querétaro and Necaxa, although it is true that the rivals are not the most feared of the tournament, they are very above the level that the tapatíos have shown.

The panorama is not comfortable anyway due to the actions of the team, which does not show a level according to what la Liga requires, so Atlas will see the liguilla from home again.

Atlas possibilities

The mathematical game for Atlas is almost impossible to achieve, the team must score in total perfection, to get the 21 points that are available in the tournament, something that clearly seems impossible for Atlas.

The visits of Pumas and León to Jalisco are a real challenge for the team, which will not come out with a positive result, while Monterrey will also visit Jalisco in a duel that will be on week 12th and could be disputed the last spot of the playoffs for the championship.

Atlas visits are just as underwhelming, although they do not face any of the top four teams ​​in the classification under the condition of visitor, they’ll have rivals who will fight them for a last chance to sneak into the big finally of Mexican soccer.

Juárez FC, Atlético San Luis, Querétaro and Necaxa of these four games as visitors if we take into account the level of Atlas, we can be sure that they won’t get a single point of these 12, however, we hope that at least the team will get a point in Potosí.

This being real, the current nine points of the team must add two more units, with the draws against Monterrey and Atlético San Luis, this is a clear projection, which would indicate that the team will finish this phase with 11 points in total. Odds of winning Liga MX.

Pittsburgh Steelers Calendar Analysis – NFL News & Odds

The Pittsburgh Steelers managed to maintain their streak of not having losing seasons in the Mike Tomlin era with a team that offensively was terrible. Injuries and lack of talent on offense greatly limited a team that was up for more. In 2020, it’s time for the Steelers to seek their postseason return. These are the toughest matches on their schedule. Let’s check the Pittsburgh Steelers calendar and who they are up against along with their NFL odds.

Pittsburgh Steelers Calendar Analysis

Week 4 Titans Vs Steelers

Visiting Tennessee in week four will not be an easy task. But this duel is attractive, the fight between the runner Derrick Henry and the defense of the Steelers is going to be intense, where one of the strongest defenses must stop a runner who, frankly, looks like a tractor running over whoever is in front of him .

On the other hand, Ben Roethlisberger’s arm must be neat and accurate to find his receivers and cause damage in a secondary that, although decent, has had changes this offseason.

  • Date: Sunday, October 04, 1:00 p.m.

Week 7 Ravens Vs Steelers

Baltimore is the supreme favorite to take the AFC North (-200), but if the Pittsburgh Steelers want to cause doubt on that, taking a win on their visit to the Ravens is vital. This is a classic divisional rivalry, where no matter the momentum of the teams, both will go out to kill, it has that violent vibe.

Lamar Jackson is the MVP of the league and the quarterback leads- yes, he is the protagonist – the best running attack in the NFL, but Jackson led the NFL in scoring passes with 36, so you can’t sacrifice air defense to stop it by land, he’ll make you pay dearly. TJ Watt and Bud Dupree are two great quarterbacks and will be looking to put pressure on Jackson and company, while safety Minkah Fitzpatrick will be on the lookout to punish Jackson if he makes an erratic pass.

  • Date: Sunday, October 25, 1:00 p.m.

Week 9 Cowboys Vs Steelers

The Steelers must go through the NFC East in the 2020 season and no game is as complicated within that division as visiting AT&T Stadium is. Dallas has a great team and they want to leave behind the colorless era that Jason Garrett left behind as head coach.

With three receivers of exceptional caliber like Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup and rookie sensation CeeDee Lamb, accompanied by elite running back Ezekiel Elliott, slowing down Dallas is pretty tough. The mission is easy to identify, not letting Dak Prescott warm up. However, Dallas has a great offensive line that will complicate the task.

  • Date: Sunday, November 8, 4:25 p.m.

Week 14 Bills Vs Steelers

Buffalo ranks as one of the strongest teams in the AFC, this match is of great relevance. First of all, in week 14 there is no margin for error, letting go of a game can end your season. Two, both franchises are probably in the middle of a fight for playoff positions. Three, they are two high-quality defenses facing each other in a pitched battle.

Complicating the outlook for the Steelers, the game will be played in Buffalo. The weather is not very friendly and the pressure will be at its maximum. If they win this match, Pittsburgh will have not only a very valuable victory, but also a monumental mood for the closing.

  • Date: Sunday, December 13, 8:20 p.m.

Week 16 Steelers Vs Colts

Indianapolis will arrive fighting the AFC South title, probably. Pittsburgh, struggling for its postseason position. Given this, and taking advantage of being at home, the Steelers must put pressure on quarterback Philip Rivers, who under pressure and in closed games does not have the best calmness to get the results.

Forcing Rivers to make mistakes is the way, for that, they must have a lot of defensive discipline, be in tune and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to punish.

  • Date: Sunday, December 27, 1:00 p.m.

2020 Record Predictions For The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers must fight for a wild card. Winning the season seems a little tricky for the team, due to Baltimore’s superiority as a franchise. Given this, I predict that Pittsburgh will be left with a 10-6 record.

The Steelers are at +325 odds to win the AFC North.

Steelers Calendar Regular Season 2020

  • Semana 1: Giants Vs Steelers / Setiembre 14
  • Semana 2: Steelers Vs Broncos / Setiembre 20
  • Semana 3: Steelers Vs Texans / Setiembre 27
  • Semana 4: Titans Vs Steelers / Octubre 04
  • Semana 5: Steelers Vs Eagles / Octubre 11
  • Semana 6: Steelers Vs Browns / Octubre 18
  • Semana 7: Raven Vs Steelers / Octubre 25
  • Semana 8: Bye Week (Semana Descanso)
  • Semana 9: Cowboys Vs Steelers / Noviembre 08
  • Semana 10: Steelers Vs Bengals / Noviembre 15
  • Semana 11: Jaguars Vs Steelers / Noviembre 22
  • Semana 12: Steelers Vs Ravens /Noviembre 26
  • Semana 13: Steelers Vs Redskins / Diciembre 06
  • Semana 14: Bills Vs Steelers / Diciembre 13
  • Semana 15: Bengals Vs Steelers / Diciembre 21
  • Semana 16: Steelers Vs Colts / Diciembre 27
  • Semana 17: Browns Vs Steelers / Enero 03

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Schedule Analysis – NFL News & Odds

When viewing the 2020 season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers weren’t exactly a caring team. After swapping erratic quarterback Jameis Winston for the sport’s biggest winner at Tom Brady, plus other great additions, the Bucs are poised to be the first franchise to win a Super Bowl on their own court. Let’s take a look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers schedule for this 2020 season and their NFL odds.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Schedule Odds & Analysis

Week 1 | Saints vs Buccaneers

The start will not be easy as they will have to visit quarterback Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. However, the Saints are not a team that starts their seasons strong, they are more of a gradual progress, so “getting up early” is not entirely unthinkable.

In a duel of legends, Brady vs. Brees will take turns seeing which quarterback has the most in his tank. Both have great receivers, good offensive lines, and it will be a duel from power to power at the start of the 2020 season.

  • Date: Sunday, September 13 | 16:25 hrs

Week 4 | Buccaneers vs Chargers

The AFC West is not exactly a division you want to face and the Chargers are, in part, a big reason for this. A team that bursts with talent in all its areas and thirsts for success after a disappointing season is a dangerous thing.

However, the Chargers have a rookie quarterback in Justin Herbert, and the experience is not on his side. Quite the contrary can be said of Tom Brady. That can be the great differential factor in what, removing quarterbacks, is a very close duel.

  • Date: Sunday October 4 | 13:00 hrs

Week 6 | Buccaneers vs Packers

Green Bay will visit the Bucs in week six. This means we will see an epic quarterback duel, again, in Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Listed as two of the best quarterbacks of the past 20 years, this game will be of the highest voltage.

The Tampa Bay team is more balanced than the Green Bay team, of course, but when Rodgers is in front you can never be trusted. If there’s anything known about Tom Brady, it’s that he won’t, the guy is a sports assassin.

  • Date: Sunday October 18 | 16:25 hrs

Week 12 | Buccaneers vs Chiefs

Brady has a 2-1 record against Patrick Mahomes. The historic quarterback against the new who has come with the mission to dominate the NFL, and in large part, has. However, Brady still has the rights to boast his record before him.

This game will have a lot of points, it’s two practically unstoppable offenses, and the strong point of Tampa’s defense is the running part, which Kansas City doesn’t use much. Missiles and bombs will fly back and forth in a match that will send a clear message to the loser.

  • Date: Sunday, November 29 | 16:25 hrs

Week 14 | Buccaneers vs Vikings

Minnesota has one of the most dangerous NFL running backs in Dalvin Cook. It is here that the great ground defense the Buccaneers must come out ahead in battle. The Minnesota high school, on the other hand, had noticeable losses, and wide wings Mike Evans and Chris Godwin can do a lot of damage.

This week things can be very hot as far as divisional positions are concerned, the importance of this match is great.

  • Date: Sunday December 13 | 13:00 hrs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Predictions 2020 Regular Season

Bucs are contenders. That is very clear. Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski are a tandem that has ensured success, if we add to his receivers and good defense, it is no surprise that Tampa is +900 as favorites to win Super Bowl LV. In the regular season, I forecast a 13-3 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Buccaneers Calendar Regular Season 2020

  • Week 1 | Sunday September 13 | 16:25 hrs | Saints vs Buccaneers | Mercedes-Benz Superdome
  • Week 2 | Sunday September 20 | 13:00 hrs | Buccaneers vs Panthers | Raymond James Stadium
  • Week 3 | Sunday 27 September | 16:25 hrs | Broncos vs Buccaneers | Broncos Stadium at Mile High
  • Week 4 | Sunday October 4 | 13:00 hrs | Buccaneers vs Chargers | Raymond James Stadium
  • Week 5 | Thursday October 8 | 20:20 hrs | Bears vs Buccaneers | Soldier Field
  • Week 6 | Sunday October 18 | 16:25 hrs | Buccaneers vs Packers | Raymond James Stadium
  • Week 7 | Sunday October 25 | 20:20 hrs | Raiders vs Buccaneers | Allegiant Stadium
  • Week 8 | Monday November 2 | 20:15 hrs | Giants vs Buccaneers | MetLife Stadium
  • Week 9 | Sunday November 8 | 20:20 hrs | Buccaneers vs Saints | Raymond James Stadium
  • Week 10 | Sunday November 15 | 13:00 hrs | Panthers vs Buccaneers | Bank of America Stadium
  • Week 11 | Monday November 23 | 20:15 hrs | Buccaneers vs Rams | Raymond James Stadium
  • Week 12 | Sunday November 29 | 16:25 hrs | Buccaneers vs Chiefs | Raymond James Stadium
  • Week 13 | Bye Week (Break)
  • Week 14 | Sunday December 13 | 13:00 hrs | Buccaneers vs Vikings | Raymond James Stadium
  • Week 15 | Sunday December 20 | 13:00 hrs

Restart of the Bundesliga Season 2020 – Soccer News & Odds

The Bundesliga seems to be taking a step forward in the world, due to the affectation of COVID-19, its tournament will be the first of the main leagues in the world to start, of course, with a series of restrictive measures that will make this a different season end. Let’s see the state of the First Division of German Football so that you can place your bets according to their Bundesliga odds.

Restart of the Bundesliga Season 2020

The fight for leadership

As has been a constant in recent years in German football, Bayern Munich is the leader of the tournament, however, this season things have not been as easy as in the past.

Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig, have been a real stone in the shoe this season for the aspirations of Bayern Munich, which has not managed to take a broad advantage allowing it to be champion as in other seasons.

For this start we must remember that the Bundesliga tournament will come into play on the 26th, with eight matches still in dispute for a total of 24 points to be played. This is undoubtedly key, considering that Bayern Munich has a total of 55 points, Borussia Dortmund is second with 51, while RB Leipzig is third with 50.

There are 24 points in dispute and four the difference with his closest follower, something that clearly will add flavor to this start of the tournament, in addition to the fact that the game between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund remains to be played on the 29th, which could set the course for the championship.

For this start of the Bundesliga these positions are red hot, we already reported that the distance between third place and the first is five points. Borussia Monchengladbach who is fourth is six points from the lead, while Bayern Leverkusen separates it eight points to dethrone Munich.

So no one can celebrate absolutely anything yet.

The Fight for European Champions League and Europa League Positions

We know that the European level bases its success on the amount of things you can achieve in a season, as a result of the position you occupy in the table.

That said, in addition to the title, it is at stake to qualify for the next Champions League, as well as the Europa League, two renowned tournaments that make tournaments on the old continent heart-stopping until the end date.

In Germany, from first to fourth place, they pass directly to the group stage of the Champions League, while fifth place immediately reaches the group stage of the Europa League.

Sixth place in the Bundesliga gives him the chance to play in the qualifying round for the Europa League, in search of a place in the group stage of the tournament.

Currently, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and Borussia Monchengladbach are accessing the Champions League, while Bayern Leverkusen would have the Europa League ticket, in addition to Schalke 04, would be playing in the qualifying round.

But, not everything is said for these teams, the first five places seem that they will have no problems accessing European positions, however, the point difference is minimal, that entering this final stretch of the championship without rhythm can be detrimental.

The situation is different for Schalke 04, which has 37 units in the championship, is 10 points away from fifth place, but looks askance at three teams that are two points away.

Wolfsburg (36), SC Freiburg (36) and Hoffenheim (35) are the three teams that threaten the European dream of Schalke, who can not lower their guard at any time, if they do not want to see the end of the championship sadly.

These ingredients, added to the fact that it will be the first league in importance in Europe to start, will make us fill ourselves with adrenaline, I am sure that we will live with passion a highly competitive tournament, which is closed and defined a lot in these remaining eight dates.

The descent to the 2. Bundesliga is almost defined

The German tournament reserves for its start an iron fight to define the three teams that will be part of the second division next season.

For this tournament, Dusseldorf (22), Werder Bremen (18) and Paderborn (16) are at the moment the worst teams in Germany, winning the ticket to play next season in the second division at the moment.

Eintracht Frankfurt (28), Herta Berlin (28), Augsburg (27), Mainz (26) still cannot close the possibility that the descent is knocking on their doorstep. Six points separate the twelfth from the sixteenth place which gives a direct place to the second division.

The competition is tight both at the top and the bottom of the table, the Bundesliga will give us the chance to watch football live after many days of remembering games behind the television screen.

Betting Lines to Win the Bundesliga

Before the initial whistle, at we already have the sports betting lines for the favorites to win this year’s Bundesliga in case you want to bet now:

  • Bayern Munich -500
  • Borussia Dortmund +550
  • Rb Leipzig +900
  • Bayer Leverkusen +20000
  • Tsg Hoffenheim +100000
  • Borussia Monchengladbach +10000
  • Wolfsburg +100000
  • Eintracht Frankfurt +200000
  • Schalke +100000
  • Sc Freiburg +100000
  • Cologne +200000
  • Union Berlin +200000

Upcoming matches of the Bundesliga

  • Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke 04 | Saturday May 16
  • Fortuna Düsseldorf vs Paderborn | Saturday May 16
  • Hoffenheim vs Hertha Berlin | Saturday May 16
  • RB Leipzig vs SC Freiburg | Saturday May 16
  • Eintracht Frankfurt vs Borussia Monchengladbach | Saturday May 16
  • Cologne vs Mainz 05 | Sunday, May 17
  • Berlin vs Bayern Munich Union | Sunday, May 17
  • Werder Bremen vs Bayern Leverkusen | Monday May 18

Bundesliga Leaderboard

  • 1 FC Bayern München | 55 Points
  • 2 Borussia Dortmund | 51 Points
  • 3 RB Leipzig | 50 Points
  • 4 Borussia Mönchengladbach | 49 Points
  • 5 Bayer 04 Leverkusen | 47 Points
  • 6 FC Schalke 04 | 37 Points
  • 7 VfL Wolfsburg | 36 Points
  • 8 Sport-Club Freiburg | 36 Points
  • 9 TSG 1899 Hoffenheim | 35 Points
  • 10 1. FC Köln | 32 Points
  • 11 1. FC Union Berlin | 30 Points
  • 12 Eintracht Frankfurt | 28 Points
  • 13 Hertha Berlin | 28 Points
  • 14 FC Augsburg | 27 Points
  • 15 1. FSV Mainz 05 | 26 Points
  • 16 Fortuna Düsseldorf | 22 Points
  • 17 SV Werder Bremen | 18 Points
  • 18 SC Paderborn 07 | 16 Points

Bundesliga Betting – Berlin Union vs Bayern Munich Matchday 26

After giving the resumption of the flag for the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich will visit the Berlin Union, with the clear slogan of staying firm at the top of the event and being able to revalidate the scepter of the German soccer champion. Let’s see how the Berlin vs Bayern Munich teams arrive to make your bets against their Bundesliga odds.

Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich Bundesliga 2020 Matchday 26

Union Berlin Analysis

The Berlin Union will not have a return to this date 26 of the Bundesliga with a simple game, on the contrary, it will have to face in this restart nothing more and nothing less than the current champion, added to the fact that he is at the top of the championship looking for revalidate this award.

Those of Berlin are in a “comfortable” position in the table, the descent is eight points apart, but a positive streak in this closing could earn him a place in European competitions since, he is seven points from sixth place in the general ranking.

Before the suspension of the event, the Berlin Union recorded in its last five games, two wins, the same number of defeats plus a draw, allowing the team to position itself in the eleventh place of twenty teams that make up the Bundesliga.

It should be remembered that the team already knows what it is to destroy illusions to the top positions in this event, in the month of September 2019 at the start of the Bundesliga, they managed to defeat Borussia Dortmund by score of 3-1 at home.

Among the figures to be highlighted by the team is Swedish striker Sebastian Andersson, who records 11 scores after 25 disputed dates. Andersson is the benchmark in the team’s attack and is positioned as the tenth best striker in the Bundesliga.

For those from Berlin, it is impossible to think about the title, 25 points distance them from the leader and there are 24 points to play. His fight is about to enter the UEFA Europa League, although the possibility of direct access is complex.

The Berlin Union is seven points from Schalke 04, which is today in the qualifying position for the Europa League qualifying round, this is the team’s greatest aspiration for this tournament, although it should not be neglected since the descent is a latent possibility at be eight points from this possibility.

Bayern Munich Analysis

Without a doubt, like all the teams, this start of the Bundesliga will be a real test for Bayern Munich, who, needs to maintain his physical shape to avoid being surprised on the remaining dates, that his possible championship can be brought down.

Those of Bayern have it clear, revalidating the title depends solely on them, they need to succeed in their games, taking into account that on two dates they will have a key game against Borussia Dortmund. To achieve that victory, the championship would be almost a breath away.

Robert Lewandowski is still a true predator in the area, his numbers continue to support him, at the moment he is the best forward in the Bundesliga with 25 touchdowns, after 26 games played.

Serge Gnabry has become one of the sensations of the squad this season, even the German striker is already positioned as one of the best scorers in the Bundesliga, adding 11 goals in 26 games, which allow him to be the sixth most important striker in Germany.

Things are clear, the security at the door of Manuel Neuer, the depth of the bands of David Alaba and Joshua Kimmich, the speed at the ends of Leroy Sané and Kingsley Coman, added to the lethality of Robert Lewandowski in front of the frame, we suggests that fate will crown Bayern Munich again.

Clashes between Union Berlin and Bayern Munich

History tells us that officially this will be the second game between both teams, the first was held last October, with Bayern Munich winning by a score of 2-1, in the first dates of this season.

General Information of the match Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich Bundesliga 2020 matchday 26

  • When?: Sunday, May 17, 2020
  • Hour?: 11:00 AM
  • Where?: An der alten Försterei Stadion
  • Berlin vs Bayern Munich Live: Fox Sport, Fox Sport 2

Betting lines for the match Berlin vs Bayern Munich Bundesliga 2020 matchday 26

It seems that at this start the favoritism of Bayern Munich is not in dispute, who give it all the possibilities to achieve victory. In the event of a Berlin Union win, $ 1,121 will be paid for every $ 100 invested, while Bayern Munich would pay $ 100 for every $ 522 wagered. The tie will pay $ 522.

Sports predictions for the game Berlin Union vs Bayern Munich

We do not expect great surprises for this season restart, Bayern Munich against any world cataclysm, while maintaining its current roster, will undoubtedly be the favorite to achieve its goals in the Bundesliga. Bet there will be more than 3.5 goals.