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If everybody have very high expectations of a team is from Chivas de Guadalajara, their investment for this Clausura 2020 was set before the start of the tournament, thinking that the title is the only objective for a team that did not have a good time in the Apertura. Those expectations during the first matchdays fell apart, when the team had a series of bad results in the first games, where even Dorados de Sinaloa eliminated them from the Copa MX tournament, where Chivas played with all their heavy equipment in that series.

Chivas de Guadalajara – Clausura 2020 Analysis

Chivas took the victory on game one against Juárez FC by 2-0, but after that game they entered a streak that took him six matches down the street of bitterness, until game seven was when the “rebaño” returned to the W.

From game two to seven Chivas added three points only, after three draws with Pachuca, Toluca and Atlético San Luis and two defeats with Tigres and Cruz Azul, generating a huge earthquake in Guadalajara to the point of looking for substitutes for the coach .

Now the team managed to level its course, defeated Tijuana, then León, took the victory in the Clásico Tapatío and on the previous game tied with Monterrey in a game that was controversial for a poorly annulled goal for Rayados that meant the Regio victory.

The keys to the success of the Rebaño Sagrado

It is clear that the key for Chivas in this tournament is the injection of capital that they had before the start of this tournament, the team with the pressure carrying to get the championship, as well as deleting the image of the previous tournament where they could not access the Liguilla.

The arrivals of the reinforcements were many in a team that cannot lose the title this Clausura, otherwise the word failure would be capital.

Chivas for this Clausura had the arrivals of Uriel Antuna, José Madueña, José Juan Vázquez, Cristian Calderón, Víctor Guzmán, Alexis Peña, Jesús Angulo, Ronaldo Cisneros and as the main reinforcement came the new jewel of Mexican soccer José Juan Macías, who had a important step through León.

It is clear that Chivas’ mission is none other than to reach the Liguilla, advance in it and play the final. If the team does not perform an acceptable second phase, the warnings will come on again, but if the team does not enter this second phase, failure would be resounding and could generate strong decisions within the club.

The Chivas de Guadalajara Road

The tournament is seven games away from defining which teams will be in the round of 16. Today Chivas is among the guests, but a bad result can send the team from position five that it holds to position 13, which belongs to Atlético San Luis.

Chivas is in this Clausura with a total of 16 points out of 30 possible for a performance of 53%, this is low considering that the team’s roster is to be a leader and it was even thought that this phase was going to be a formalism for a team that was going to destroy everyone.

The difference he has with Atlético San Luis, which is thirteenth overall, is only three points, this is a clear sign that Chivas still does not have a clear picture in this tournament.

The schedule of the Rebaño seems on paper, which could allow them to access the Liguilla without a problem, the team’s pending rivals are visits to Querétaro, Necaxa and Pumas, while at home the team will receive Monarcas, América, Santos Laguna and will close in the last matchday against Puebla.

The Clausura seems complex, and everything will depend on the results against Querétaro and Monarcas, if Chivas comes with a point in those two games, he will have to play the Clasico with the knife between the teeth, urged on by a victory, taking into account that, they have games against Santos Laguna and Pumas who are fully in the fight for a place for the second round.

Possibilities for the Clausura of Chivas

We are clear that the Chivas roster is impressive, if the team takes advantage of this delay in the calendar and maintains the level that it has been showing, it has high possibilities of entering the second phase.

The team at the moment would need 19 points out of the 21 in dispute, of course, the number of 35 points will not be the factor to determine the qualifiers, the previous tournament the number to access was 27, so if we take this number as the base Team would need 11 of the 21 points in dispute to qualify.

The score necessary to qualify will be modified each day, the results will dictate the procedure of each team, but it is clear that a team that seeks this, must register at least 25 points, without this being a completely positive number. Odds of winning Liga MX.

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